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Barry Oliver Lawton of Dorchester, Massachusetts has been singing since the age of 5. During his high school and college years, he entered and won many Talent Shows, but as an adult he set aside his dream of being a performer to teach and raise twins. As a high school honors history teacher, he sang various types of music in English and foreign languages in his classroom and exposed the younger generation to the beauty and history of music.

Barry has donated his voice and volunteered his time to organizations in the Boston area for many years. He enjoys performing for veteran's and senior organizations in the Boston Area most recently through Music Cures, an organization that promotes healing through music via performances at Veterans Administration Hospitals.

Barry has recorded with his mentor, the world renowned pianist, Frank Wilkins and can be found performing with him on Tuesday nights at Slades Nightclub in Boston. He has performed at Birdland In New York City and was a finalist at Sinatra Idol in Hoboken, New Jersey, Danvers Idol in Danvers, Mssachusetts and the Music Under New York Auditions in 2016.

Upcoming Performances

Check out Barry's calendar of upcoming shows where you can see Barry perform live.